00443 Master's Omnipresence
00443 Master's Omnipresence
No. 00443
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Group Meditation
Event date / 19881015
Place / Hsihu,Formosa
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 19
Publication No. / CD-CG21 MP3-CG02
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  • Summary

How can Buddha be manifested in tens of billions of forms? Master says, “It’s not merely tens of billions of manifestations. It means countless. That’s why we say countless billions of Buddha is manifested in the light. What does light mean here? It means Buddha’s own vibration and frequency. Whatever a sentient being asks for, Buddha will adapt his own vibration to that person’s so as to know the heart of that being. But this happens very fast, in just an instant or less than an instant. It’s an automatic system, which is even faster than the sound and light in the super world. Therefore, it means the same as “being one”. We say Buddha is the same with the sentient beings because he is one with sentient beings. If he is not the same, how can he understand us in an instant? Master has told you that when our arm is injured, we know it immediately… all parts are one. They are different, but they are one. So we sometimes see that sentient beings and Buddha are not the same, but they are one. That being becomes Buddha himself. So whatever he thinks, Buddha knows at once. Buddha is like this, so he said he has tens of billions of manifestations. He has tens of billions of manifestations, but he is not those tens of billions of manifestation bodies, he simply changes his own vibration directly without moving That’s why he is called Ru Lai (Tathagata), meaning he has neither here nor gone, and he stands at only one place but is seen everywhere. That why he is called “Ru Lai” and that’s the real meaning of “tens of billions of manifestations”.