01935 The Beginning of Humility
01935 The Beginning of Humility
No. 01935
Category / Between Master and Disciples-Video/Tele conference
Event date / 20020824+25+31
Place / Seoul,Korea+San Francisco,U.S.A.+Sydney,Australia.
Language / English+Aulacese
Time (mins) / 92
Publication No. / CD-E748
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  • Summary

During the e-conference, Master lovingly reminds and encourages a fellow practitioner who has much concern about ego by saying “It's good news that you have realized you have some subtle ego. That is a beautiful start. … Yeah, every time you see that you do something with ego, you tell yourself that it's not right and you should do it selflessly”. Master further suggests that God is to be experienced every day with your breath, with your body, with your feeling, with your intellect, with your emotion, with your mental attitude, everything and with the people around you.