01932-V0745 Contributing to this World
01932-V0745 Contributing to this World
No. 01932-V0745
Category / Video conference
Event date / 2002.07.21, 28 & 08.11
Place / Los Angeles+Houston+Singapore Center
Language / English+Chinese
Time (mins) / 1h12m42s
Publication No. / CD-E745/ DVD-745
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In the summer of 2002, a great blessing was bestowed to the world through the ever expanding internet as Supreme Master Ching Hai blessed meditation centers around the world with divine question and answer periods via internet conferences. With boundless patience and limitless love, Supreme Master Ching Hai answers varied questions ranging from the future technology on this planet to the way to minimize wars and misunderstandings in the world. She reveals secrets about raising children as well as about understanding loneliness in society. Master encourages us to meditate diligently to purify ourselves, our aura, our environment, and then we can indirectly contribute to the progress of our planet.