00587 The Monks of Costa Rica
00587 The Monks of Costa Rica
No. 00587
Category / Lecture Tours-America
Event date / 19890603
Place / Costa Rica
Language / Chinese
Time (mins) / 75
Publication No. / video-80
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  • Summary

       Splendid Content~

         One Costa Rican young man confirmed that Supreme Master Ching Hai was the Holy Lady he’d been   waiting for a long time, and requested to become a monk to follow Master at the lecture hall. He thought that   the world was ephemeral , and the most important thing was to receive enlightenment from the Master, and    nothing was more important than enlightenment. Master encouraged him by saying that becoming a monk  means that we devote our body, speech and mind to God and Buddha. Even if we just wish to become a   monk  for only one second, one minute or one hour, we’ll have great  merits.

   There are two kinds of power in this world: one is the positive power, the power of God, which we call compassion, love and blessing power,  the other is the negative power, the power of the maya, which binds people and tests if we have greed, anger and attachment, and it tests our wisdom and ability to overcome them. The positive and negative power are the same, but they work in different ways. It  becomes bad only because we don’t know how to use them. That’s why we need a Master to teach us how to turn negative power into a power that we can use.

    After initiation we communicate with the greatest  power every day, and this true positive power takes care of our soul and all aspects of our mundane life. The positive power is incredible . Before it is opened, we suffer a lot and feel very lonely. But after we open it, we feel greater and greater, have more and more power, and feel more and more content. We don’t feel attached to the material world and we can renounce the world easily.

            The body, speech and mind of our spiritual practitioners are getting purer and purer, and we are   developing   more and more wisdom and abilities. Any work we do brings benefit to ourselves as well as   others. We are  becoming greater and greater. And we send out a kind of magnetic field which is very   pleasant, cool and  helpful to others.



1.  Who made Maya? Why did God create the negative force?

2.   Why do Chinese people say “unity of yin and yang”, and why is it good to have both yin and yang? The law of yin and yang is that if we have too much negative side, we’ll sink into a negative place. This is the law of karma, if we sow the negative seeds, we’ll get negative results, if we sow the positive seed, we’ll go to heaven. But if we sow both and balance  yin and yang, the negative and positive will unite together and we’ll become balanced beings and reach Buddhahood.

3.  Why should an enlightened person have both negative and positive qualities? Because if he’s all positive, he’ll not know the negative qualities of sentient beings. He’ll not be able to tolerate the sentient beings and know their hearts, or communicate with them and console their pain. If he’s too much negative, he’ll become just like us, eating, drinking, playing and enjoying, ignorant, without wisdom, enlightenment and power, and he will not be able to help us.

4.  If we can bear the pain of this transient world, and we do not want to go to heaven, do we still need to practice spiritually?

5.  What is the real magical power? What’s the difference between real magical power and material magical power?

6. How was hell made? How does one person’s body, speech and mind affect his magnetic field?

7.  Can deaf people hear the voice of God? Why did Master say that the best sound comes from within?

8.  Why can the Quan Yin Method  cure all sicknesses, and cure our troubles, ignorance, greed, anger and attachment, and cure the sickness of hellish beings, hungry ghosts and beasts?

9.  If we lie out of good intention , is it considered breaking the precept?

10.  What will happen if we cook non-vegetarian food for our family? Why is that the sickness of people who sell meat or fish cannot be helped?

11.  If the Master has countless transformation bodies, why doesn’t he give people initiation with his transformation bodies?

12.   If a person keeps the five precepts but does not practice the Quan Yin Method, can he also reach above the third level?

13.  After initiation, can we make a living by engaging in speculative business like stock exchange or real estates?

14.  Initiates  should not come in contact with anything that harms the body and mind. Is listening to music or participating in art projects considered breaking the precepts?

15.  What will happen if we break the precepts after initiation? How can we repent?

16.  If we pray to Lord Jesus Christ every day and follow the ten commandments, would God come to meet us and take us to heaven at the time of our death?

17.  Under what circumstances can we become renunciates? What’s the meaning of renunciation?