01282-V0350 Enlightenment Is the Key Answer to Everything
01282-V0350 Enlightenment Is the Key Answer to Everything
No. 01282-V0350
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.04.10
Place / (USA) Colorado
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h46m41s
Publication No. / video-350
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  • Summary

    After enlightenment, you feel that your feelings and your emotions and
    your affection, and your... everything is very sharp.
  You know, you realize more that you are truly living beings.
   Many people fear that maybe after enlightenment they would shave their
  head, and yeah, cast off their beautiful clothes, and going into the
  Himalayas, or find a cave in Colorado somewhere.
    But it is not true, it is not true.
    Maybe you do that in the beginning because you are too fanatic; too eager,
  too eager to know God, and forgetting all the while that He is always
  here.  Because "you are God! " You are the representitive of this God power,
    and we are all connected together in this marvelous network.
    And should we forget that, we will be very lonely.
    Deep in our heart we will never be satisfied.
    Doesn't matter how many friends we have, and how much money we earn or how busy we are. Many of the         moments of our life will be in loneliness. in dis... in
  dissatisfaction. We just don't know what is it that is lacking in our lives.
    So we do feel something missing. That is because we have forgotten to tune in with this network which connects   us as the whole, with the whole universe.
    And therefore, whatever we do, we do alone. We work alone.
    And we feel great burden on our shoulders.
    That's why Emerson says : "A great burden falls upon our, falls from our
  shoulders when we let God run the universe."
    To let God run the universe doesn't mean we sit there and wait for bread to
  fall from the sky. It means that we work together with the whole universe.
    And whatever we do, it will be blessed, watched over, and helped by the
  whole power. Therefore, we will be the great beings.
    And everything within us including so-called human emotions will be very
  alert. We feel for the first time in our life that we are truly alive,
   that we truly enjoy everything that God gives us in this life.