01275-V0346 We Must Find Our Real Self
01275-V0346 We Must Find Our Real Self
No. 01275-V0346
Category / Lecture
Event date / 1993.04.03
Place / (USA) Los Angeles, CA
Language / English
Time (mins) / 1h48m57s
Publication No. / video-346
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  • Summary

Q: If a person is devoted to the their religion, say Christianity or
  Buddhism, would it be necessary to receive initiation and practice the Quan Yin
  method? Can he find the hidden true self through their own religions?
M: Oh, if you can, then you don't need. But you haven't, then you do, doesn't matter you Buddhist or Christian or what. And finding the true self will make you become a better Christian or better Buddhist. That is all. Because you know the true Buddha nature and you know the true Christianity within you, mm?
Otherwise the Christian tell us that, "Be you perfect as the Father in
   heaven who is perfect." But are you yet a perfect Christian?
Never mind about the perfect Father, perfect as Father in heaven.
So the Buddha say, "You will become a Buddha, you have to know your Buddha nature." Do you know the Buddha nature yet? Have you know anything about Buddhahood yet? If not, then come to me.