00220 Humility and Strong Faith Are Necessary in Spiritual Practice
00220 Humility and Strong Faith Are Necessary in Spiritual Practice
No. 00220
Category / Lecture Tours
Event date / 1987.05.06
Place / (Formosa/Taiwan) Taipei
Language / Chinese
Translation / Taiwanese
Time (mins) / 1h45m17s
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  • Summary

How can we observe our own subtle arrogance? If we serve the Master, listen to her teachings, and follow her instructions, do we acquire sufficient humility? We’re born as humans in order to become Buddhas and noble beings, but we often lack enough determination, faith, and power. We’re lured by the world and pulled by society. We’re influenced by our friends and polluted by meat and wine. Thus, it's extremely difficult for us to practice spiritually. In his lifetime, Bodhidharma practiced with diligence and perseverance, meditating in solitude for nine years. Without the help of the great Inner Power, who could achieve such a feat?

We’ve read many scriptures and seen many examples of people doing spiritual practice, but we don't learn from them because we’re not serious. We fail to practice what we learn and turn the scriptures into everyday actions, thus remaining unchanged. Practicing spiritually means following the teachings and manifesting them in our behavior. Only when we practice what we’ve learned will we become Masters.

  1. Why is it that most people fail to escape the cycle of birth and death? Is it true that demons disturb the human world? How can we stay together with our families forever?
  2. Although Mahamaudgalyayana was one of Shakyamuni Buddha's greatest disciples, his mother still descended into Hell. Why was this so? Did Shakyamuni Buddha discuss the liberation of five generations of initiates' families?
  3. Why is the Quan Yin Method the highest and most suitable method for all beings to practice?
  4. Do you remember that before you incarnated into this world and became a human being again, you promised yourself that you would practice spiritually?
  5. How can we benefit from reading the sutras? What is real spiritual practice? Why is it important to have wise spiritual friends around us?
  6. Is the fact that we're disciples of an enlightened Master due to the Master's compassion or to our own extraordinary traits? Master tells the story of the time when Buddhist Master Xuanzang searched for his disciples.
  7. Does the number "eighty-four thousand" refer to the number of methods or the number of sentient beings? What is the law that determines evolution or regression in the reincarnation of beings?
  8. What is the meaning of the phrase "worthy of offerings"? How do great Masters elevate other beings' levels when accepting offerings from those beings?
  9. Why does an enlightened Master seldom reveal our past lives to us? Why do some people still need to be reborn even after following a great Master and practicing spiritually?
  10. Why should we train ourselves to have noble ideals? Master tells the story of a human being who turned into a stone.
  11. Do we hold our destiny in our own hands, or does God control it?