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Video-0759 Au Lac in Ancient Times
The tragic, earth-shaking events of 1975 in Au Lac resulted in the separation of countless families, and deeply impacted the minds and lives of the Aulacese and the conscience of humanity. After the war, more than three million Aulacese had to leave ..(more)
Video-0760 The Real Heroes
In this present day, one individual who has a tremendous effect in helping people to realize the rewards in following the path of nonviolence towards all creation through a vegetarian diet is supreme Master Ching Hai. As a fully realized Master, it is not ..(more)
Video-0761 The Song of Love
In a romantic winter midnight during the Hungary retreat, Master blesses everyone through dulcet melodies overflowing with love to create an unforgettable night of beautiful music. Master's gentle voice fills the air, the tunes of love songs tested by time ..(more)
Video-0762 Dealing with Karma
This video/audio covers two of Master's video conferences with disciples. She kindly answers fellow initiates' questions on spiritual practice. How can one control his/her mind and overcome obstacles on the spiritual path? How can we avoid unpleasant interactions with ..(more)
Video-0763 Self-Discipline in Spiritual Practice
Everyone has difficulties in this world because of their karmic debt to one another. Fortunately, the Supreme Master is here to show us the way back home and to help us by shouldering our karma so that we may walk easier on the spiritual path. The love and compassion ..(more)
Video-0764 Dream in the Night
Contents Introduction In addition to Master’s heavenly voice, Video-0764 & Video-0765 include precious scenes of Master singing for us that were exclusively recorded amidst Her busy schedule. Master recites and sings Her earlier ..(more)
Video-0766 Attending Retreats with a Pure Motive
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Lecture: We live a life with no meaning, in darkness, lowly, not worthy for being a human being. Understand? So we have to reclaim our right being a human, regain our honor, our own power and ..(more)
Video-0767 The Role of A Master
In this dynamic Q&A session, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasizes that it’s our honor to be able to help others. We shall enjoy its happiness and we won’t feel like an obligation. When we help others, we are actually helping ourselves to earn ..(more)
Video-0769(1.2)  The Jeweled Verses
In human languages, poetry can elevate our consciousness,a magical realm and a world of immense bliss. Inherent in each poetic verse is a glorious musical note, a resplendent painting, and a sight of nature dancing in the infinite ..(more)
Video-0770(1.2) The Golden Lotus
In early spring 1991, while on her lecture tour in the United States, Supreme Master Ching Hai responded to the Most Venerable Thich Man Giac's gracious invitation and visited Vi?t Nam Temple in Los Angeles. The two spiritual teachers, who were also poets, spoke about ..(more)
Video-0771 A Youth's Passion
Did you know that Supreme Master Ching Hai wrote Her First poem when She was only 7 years old? Would you like to hear about Master’s first love? In this DVD, Master gives us an interesting account of Her early years as a young student, and of her ..(more)
Video-0772 Laughing Through Life
Pursuing spiritual practice under the guidance of a humorous Master of great enlightenment is the most precious experience of a lifetime. Supreme Master Ching Hai often entertains Her disciples with jokes and stories, immersing them in a relaxed and blissful ..(more)
Video-0773 Unconditional Devotion
Did you know that within the universe there are innumerable undeveloped souls waiting to be incarnated as humans? Yet, in recent times people have resorted to using contraceptive measures, thus obstructing these souls from coming to clear their karma, ..(more)
Video-0774 Positive Thoughts Lead to a Peaceful World
Down through the ages, our ancestors have left countless pearls of wisdom, but few have studied them in depth. People blessed with wisdom should study them intensively. When we practice and cultivate ourselves, everything will be added unto us. As the ..(more)
Video-0775 One Person Can Make A Big Difference
Supreme Master Ching Hai joined together with her many disciples at one of the most extraordinary meditation retreats in history-the International World Peace Meditation in Pattaya, Thailand. Gathering tens of thousands of compassionate meditation practitioners from ..(more)