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Video-0708(1.2)  A Story About Love
Through the stories of how she takes care of stray animals, Supreme Master Ching Hai illustrates the essence of true love. True love doesn’t mean to possess, but to give unconditional service. When we see someone in need and we help them wholeheartedly, that is love. ..(more)
Video-0709 An Evening with the Stars
Footage of the exclusive VIP reception following the One World ...of peace through music benefit concert, intimate and candid interviews with artists, and Supreme Master Ching Hai's personal appearances at grand Hollywood galas, will offer a rare glimpse of an ..(more)
Video-0710(1.2) Celebrating Master's Birthday
On May 8, 2000, the year of the new millennium, Supreme Master Ching Hai came to the magnificent and picturesque Korean peninsula, where She was greeted by nearly 10,000 spiritual seekers from Korea and around the world who bathed in God's grace as they experienced the ..(more)
Video-0711 The Hotel Called Life
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: Many times we put things off until tomorrow, all the while knowing that this world is just a transient hotel, is even worse than the hotel where I stay. In the hotel where I stay, I pay some money and they leave me ..(more)
Video-0712 The Divine Intelligence of Animals
In a cool Florida morning, Master met with disciples in a relaxed atmosphere and patiently answered all questions. When asked about God, Master said: “…, the light is the Master. The sound is the Master. The love you feel is the Master… Love is most ..(more)
Video-0713 Love is the Master
In a cool Florida morning, Supreme Master Ching Hai met with disciples in a relaxed atmosphere and patiently answered all questions. When asked about God, Master said: “…, the light is the Master. The sound is the Master. The love you feel is the Master… Love is most ..(more)
Video-0714 Dogs Are Wonderful Beings
Dogs are God’s creation as well, perhaps souls with a higher understanding than that of what we can imagine. We should realize that having a pet is a privilege and they should not to be unappreciated. They offer to us humans more than what often some people can offer ..(more)
Video-0715 Practice in Silence & Humility
In a joyous intimate meeting, the Supreme Master Ching Hai advised us that as spiritual practitioners we should be flexible under any circumstances without blaming others. If we practice in quietness with sincerity and humility, our spiritual path will be less affected ..(more)
Video-0716 A Natural Way to Love God
The law of God is "As you think, so shall you become." Keep thinking, keep thinking, until your thinking power becomes very strong, and then you are that...The power of creation is inside you, in your head, in your brain, in your mind. Because you are God, you have ..(more)
Video-0718 Love Is Always Good
Any time one of our spiritual people has a child, welcome him, help him, help her in any way you can, with no criticism, no black thinking, or it will be very bad for you, because you're going to encounter that kind of situation yourself very soon if you ..(more)
Video-0720 Monkhood Begins with Asceticism
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: The Original idea of monkhood is asceticism. You come because you love a Master, you follow a Master and you go through anything just to stay near. So, you eat whatever scraps leftover or whatever from the people ..(more)
Video-0721 The Wisdom Eye
How can we develop the Wisdom Eye, the most marvelous and wondrous of our energy chakras? How can we open this eternal source of enlightenment and happiness during meditation? What is the method that can bring us boundless joy in our meditation? How can we become ..(more)
Video-0725 A Humble Way of Life
Excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai's lecture: “You could have gone on holiday with all the money you spend. So for you to forsake all this, and to spend wisely on your spiritual nourishment, you must be really saint, you must be very enlightened person. Your ..(more)
Video-0726 A Selfless Motive
God is aware of your actions and I am proud that you have extended your hand to those in need in different ways. Selfless service without seeking reward or praise – such is the dedication that comes from your heart. You are saintly persons and the world ..(more)
Video-0730 Communicating with Love
This video/audio is once again filled with Supreme Master Ching Hai's love and humour as she leads the initiates into discussions about universal communication and vegetarian ingredients in food. Master also instructs us to "follow the teachings in our head, the logic" ..(more)