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Video-1197 The Surangama Sutra: Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment, Session Two (2019.04.05)
Yesterday, I was talking about the fourth meditation method with the two Kings of Medicine, plus the 500 other Brahma gods, who are also helping with the healing process. Any healing things, any healing process or power, mostly came from the Three Worlds, because it is ..(more)
Video-1198 The Surangama Sutra: Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment, Session Three (2019.04.06)
Saripurtra, “‘The Buddha asks about perfect penetration. As I have been certified to it, for the mind and the seeing to emit Light and for the Light to reach throughout knowing and seeing is the foremost method.’” So, I think he meditated on the (inner Heavenly) Light ..(more)
Video-1200 The Surangama Sutra: Twenty-five Means to Enlightenment, Session Five
So, if you're united together, helping each other, that's good enough. Other countries, they're OK or not OK; we cannot control them. Just be together, connect to each other, helping each other, honestly, sincerely, respectfully. Then everything will be fine. Nothing ..(more)
Video-1202 The Great Benefit of Having Retreats
These are only for the dead people who suffer in hell or in some unfavorable realm. If difficult to take care, during retreat, can take care. So, all together, it’s about 731,114,123 souls. This also has some part of yours in it, so I could tell you, I guess. They’re ..(more)
Video-1207 The Golden Age Is the Elevation of Souls
Video-1207A Qualities of A Good Husband
Video-1208A Overcome the Many Influences in Life Through Diligent Meditation
“In India, people are very simple and pure. Many of the Masters are married, have wife and children; sometimes don’t have children. But they also revere the wife of the Master. They don’t criticize, say, ‘Oh, Master, why have a wife?’ In most of the cases, the Master ..(more)
Video-1211 Iranian People’s Sincerity and Passion in Spiritual Practice
You're also from Iran? Wow! Originally, I wanted to stay in my cave continuously, for one month and three days, I have announced that. And then you still come, and I don't have the heart to not see you. For you, to go through all these troubles to come here, I am also ..(more)
Video-1212 The World Is Nothing but an Illusion
Video-1213 The Life of Lord Mahavira: The 16 Great Dreams of Queen Trishala, Mother of Mahavira
Video-1214 The Life of Lord Mahavira: The Birth of Dharma-Chakravarti
Video-1215 The Life of Lord Mahavira: The Great Renunciation
Video-1216 Vegan Heroes - Father’s Day Celebration
Video-1217 The Life of Lord Mahavira: The Afflictions and Rejection of the Divine Help
Video-1218 The Life of Lord Mahavira: Always Concentrate Inside